The Shrinking Universe

As soon as a player discovers and declares their possession of the Oracle,
the planets start disappearing from the game.
There are a few rules to remember when the Universe begins collapsing.

1. No new connections between inner and outer planets are made.
2. Only inner planets within the same star system may be reached from another inner planet.
3. The highest numbered planet in the play area will be the one removed at the end of the turn if the Oracle is in the hand of a player.
4. IF a planet is going to be removed from the game and it is revealed that an Entropy Inhibitor is on that planet,
that planet will not be removed from the game until NEXT turn.
5. If a player has a token on the planet that will be destroyed, they are allowed to immediately move their token to an adjacent planet that is reachable via a star lane even if it is not their turn.
The diagrams below will show you how the universe deteriorates after the Oracle has been found.